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SPAR Central Warehouse Opening

An exciting, successful weekend is behind us! On Saturday, June 18, we organized the gala evening for the opening of the new SPAR central warehouse in Wels under the motto "An evening in the warehouse".

350 guests of honor accepted the invitation and marveled at the great atmosphere. The task was to bring the central warehouse to life and to immerse the guests in the world of SPAR. The Spar brand world was staged perfectly.

From freshly prepared hors d'oeuvres in a tin to a fleur de sel served on a mini pallet as a give away. The highlight of the evening was a virtual tour of Austria's most modern warehouse.

A 4D experience without annoying 3D glasses in the form of a hologram projection paired with live performance by a stuntman and parkour runners. On Sunday, June 19, the day was open to over 4,000 SPAR employees. Eventful program items made the two event days a very special experience for every guest.

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