Save Events despite Corona?

SMEC Great Day 2019

Putting advertisers back in the driver’s seat!

On May 23, Smarter Ecommerce (smec) hosted the Big Day for PPC Automation, where more than 300 international online marketers and e-commerce enthusiasts had an intense discussion about Google Ads trends and paid search innovations.

Leading industry experts and online marketing veterans have joined the SMEC Great Day. Top-class speakers discussed challenges, personal experiences and what the future of PPC could look like.

The guests were able to secure tickets for the event via our online web shop, which then gave them access to the Great Day on-site and information about speakers and the course of the event via digital invitation management.

On the Great Day itself, we provided the necessary accents with a stage flair in the "living room character" and seating in a black & white pattern, mobile phone charging stations and a networking lounge.

Afterwards, the conference participants could end the evening at the after-party in the SMEC premises and with culinary delicacies.

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