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Rotax Maxdome E-Kart Opening

A new dimension of e-kart racing entertainment in Linz

In June, we opened the world's first Rotax MAX dome - a new type of e-kart racing arena that combines real racing experiences with augmented reality technology and virtual offers. The "Entertainment Center" in the former slaughterhouse Linz, with an area of 4,600 m², houses a 500-meter race track on two floors. The heart of the new racetrack is the 50-meter-long, interactive virtual reality tunnel, which was developed together with the Ars Electronica Futurelab. According to the game console model Super Mario, the floor markings change continuously via floor projection and always pose new challenges for the racing drivers.

In one round you have to drive over the markings, in the next you have to avoid the markings in slalom.

As an official opening act for the 150 invited guests - including the management of BRP and BRP-Rotax as well as celebrities from business, politics, art, culture and the media - a spectacular show was created in which the breakdancers Funky Monkez and the acrobatic show team TheFREAKS performed together. As a special highlight, the Max Dome e-karts were integrated into the entertainment show and gave the guests an exciting foretaste of the subsequent test drives.

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