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Media Award

Gold, silver and bronze for media agencies, advertisers and advertising agencies.

This year we were able to organize the Media Award for the first time at the Erste Campus Vienna. Out of 72 participants, the media award recorded various media agencies, advertisers and advertising agencies with gold, silver and bronze for their excellent media achievements in the categories "Excellent media strategy" and "Creative media idea", thus advancing the qualitative performance of the media agencies operating in Austria is delivered at a high level.

As the organizer of this event, we presented this year's anniversary media award ceremony through the modern architecture of the Erste Campus in a completely new atmosphere. We also gave the event a completely new character in terms of content.

For the first time, an audience winner was chosen from the twelve finalists via live cell phone voting at the award gala, which was published on the live screen within a few seconds using its own calculation system.

The entertainment program was also staged especially for this event. The Jonglissimo show group presented a novel LED live projection show with 3D mapping, which perfectly accompanied the digital and innovative theme of the event.

The intensive preparation and close cooperation with the organizer ensured an entertaining and varied award ceremony. Afterwards, the guests were able to end the day on the garden deck of the Erste Campus with cozy conversations.

© Photos Sophie Menegaldo & C. Breneis

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