Save Events despite Corona?

Launching Connect3D

Since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, the events industry has recorded a slump of up to 100% of its sales in the area of ​​live events. All live events scheduled for 2020 have been postponed or even canceled entirely due to the prevailing uncertainty among customers. The outlook until autumn 2021 is very similar.

How can customers still be present for their target groups in times of uncertainty with regard to the design of live events without the foreseeable end of the restrictions in the event sector?

In August 2020 we developed concepts and strategies for how events can be represented in digital space. Crises make people inventive and people move closer together. So we made use of our well-functioning networks and worked together on solutions. What does that mean?

For your digital event, we combine our strengths in order to realize an event that is impressive on several levels.
2 experienced experts, 1 perfect unit - CONNECT 3D   is a digital event offer from two different and independently successful companies: CONQUEST is a full-service advertising agency that operates beyond the borders of Austria with a strong focus on 3D visualizations. ATTENTION. headquartered in Linz, has already made a name for itself internationally as an event agency.

With this alliance, we are creating an opportunity for customers to display the event formats they were used to before the pandemic as a digital twin. In all stages of development, from high-end virtual and individual events to classic streaming events with or without point and click surface. Everything embedded in the customer's CI and with the benefit that not only information but also products can be presented.

PRE EVENT.   Creativity and expertise as the ideal foundation.
Thanks to its advertising agency background, Connect3D has the necessary know-how to develop a strong creative concept in the first step. The correct use and optimal placement of the created advertising material are then part of the essential pre-event phase. We make sure that your target group is in the know, logs in with useful data in a timely manner and can hardly wait until it finally starts.

EVENT. [Nbsp] A digital experience that will be remembered stays.
When day X has come, we will take care of everything that goes smoothly at all times. Thanks to our comprehensive range of support services, you can concentrate on what always comes first during the entire event: the satisfaction of your customers.

POST EVENT.   How a good past becomes an even better future.
After the event, we are far from finished: In addition to handling the thanks and the changeover to the digital one Offer, we work from the first second on the derived conclusions and recommendations based on the experience and the knowledge generated. We will make all of this learning available to you as quickly as possible - because the next digital event is only a matter of time.

“Convincing events thrive on interaction. Video streams and live chats connect with your customers and bring a real event feeling into your digital event. Using 3D and VR, we can overcome spatial limits with you and take your event to the next level, ”says Marco Reiter, Managing Director of ATTENTION. The Event Agency GmbH

Real ATTENTION. service begins long before the event: Together we offer you all services from the concept to the technical implementation to the organization on site and put together your tailor-made overall package with a strong central theme.

Unlimited possibilities and anything but off the shelf. Experience how real all-round service turns your event into an individual brand experience that not only sticks in the minds of visitors, but in their hearts.

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