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Customer Christmas Party ATTENTION.

Our customers are important to us! For our customers who faithfully accompany us year after year, we have prepared a special CHRISTMAS BLESSING.

On December 13, around 150 guests came to our 2018 customer Christmas party at Christbaumhof Sattlauer.

A good time was spent in Christmas atmosphere, between green and juicy firs with homemade punch and Christmas biscuits, freshly grilled sausages for the hottest Christmas hits, and thus prepared for the upcoming festive season.

The special thing about it was that every guest could saw their own Christmas tree and take it home.

The feedback was all around very positive and so every guest really had to tell their personal Christmas sawing story on the holidays. After all, who can say they sawed the Christmas tree themselves?

A big THANK YOU to our great and loyal customers from year to year as well as to our great partners, without whom we could not implement the quality and ideas.

With this in mind, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you! :)

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