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100 years of EVVA

EVVA celebrated the company's 100-year success story under the motto "Start-up since 1919".

As part of an exclusive event on the evening of June 14 in the Orangery Schönbrunn, moderated by Mari Lang, EVVA's 100th anniversary was celebrated with employees, top partners, international customers and long-time companions.

During a journey through time together, we looked back at the milestones of the past 100 years - and then got an outlook on the challenges and opportunities in the future.

Matthias Horx took a vision in the future of security and prepared it in a lecture with a sketch of different trends and future scenarios.

We staged the premises of the Orangerie (Location in Vienna) using 3D mapping on the vault that showed our customer's products.

The highlight was a multimedia break dance show that was tailored to the company's history.

A very successful event in a great location. See for yourself ...

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