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ePunkt Incentive

Action, fun and teamwork at the lake hallstatt

If your own employees are stuck in a huge, inflatable ball, playing football against each other and even throw around anything else than the ball, then the 100% fun factor among the participants and spectators is guaranteed.

The "Bubble Soccer" match was just one of the few team activities that we were able to carry out at this year's incentive for the more than 140 ePunkt employees from Linz, Graz and Vienna. Under the motto #epunktliebtdich, the colleagues faced an exciting program in bright sunshine on the company outing to Lake Hallstatt.

Own ePunkt love songs were composed, an ePunkt giant memory played in teams, music tracks were guessed in an emoji quiz game (ice cream cone + ice cream cone + baby = ice ice baby) and ridden with e-scooters and e-karts. In the "Bubble Soccer" match already mentioned, both employees and the managing directors played football of a different kind against each other. In the evening we finally turned the Dormio Resort Restaurant into a party location and there was extensive laughing, dancing and partying until the early morning before heading back home the next morning.

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