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Engel - Digital Integration

We attach great importance to digital links at our events.
Digital integration of guests, much bigger.

More than just being a guest - integrating the guest as part of the show was part of Engel and the farewell to CEO Dr. Neumann the exact objective.

We were able to implement the following staging for the Engel guests in the Congress Center in Düsseldorf and in the Design Center in Linz:

At the entrance, every guest posed for the photographers positioned there. The photos were checked in the background and played in real time, i.e. live on the screen in the main hall. At that moment the doors were still closed and the guests didn't know what would happen to their photos.

In addition, there were touch terminals in the foyer area, where each guest could leave his or her individual greeting.

When the doors to the main hall were opened, every guest found himself part of the event in the form of his portrait and greeting, as a graphic element on the canvas. In the director's area we were able to control individually whether the photos of the guests, the greetings or the photos of Dr. Neumann were superficially presented.

Depending on the stage show, we could individually control, show or completely disappear each of these 3 clouds. In addition, creative videos from the international branches were recorded as a virtual message.

All in all a really great event and at this point the second innovative collaboration with NETURAL.

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