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BRP Rotax Oktoberfest

It was probably the coolest Oktoberfest that ever took place on the BRP Rotax premises!

Because the BRP-Rotax employee Oktoberfest not only served crispy chicken, juicy and crispy stilts, freshly prepared farmer's donuts and ice-cold beer, but also had a great children's program with bouncy castles, face painting and fun and challenging Oktoberfest play stations for young and old.

Furthermore, the guests could also use the opportunity to test the Rotax engines on flight and kart simulators, and to get a fast ride on the BRP vehicle Can-Am Commander.

For the most motivated, 5 volunteers were able to compete with the management holding beer mugs.

Already at 9:30 a.m. we started the anniversary ceremony with around 150 guests, which was carried out by ORF journalist and moderator Mari Lang. The jubilees were honored by the management due to their long-standing company anniversary.

The entrance gates were then opened to all other employees and their families at 11:30 a.m. and around 2,000 other cheerful visitors in the Oktoberfest-look entered the company premises.

Since the employees were mostly accompanied by their families, there was the opportunity to show the relatives, children and partners in a predefined company tour the production and their exact work processes and explain them in more detail.

As in the entire event design, we were also very innovative with the couponing system and built the entire system digitally, so that every guest had a basic contingent of food and drinks stored on their badge. Furthermore, the guests could also pre-purchase food and drinks individually and load them onto their badges. At the same time, the badge also served as an overview of the entire company premises and the numerous active stations on site.

© Jürgen Grilll

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