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BRP Rotax Gala

At the end of the year, we were able to organize the annual closing ceremony for BRP-Rotax. The anniversary celebrations and some statements from managers were woven into a colorful program.

For 1,500 BRP-Rotax employees and their companions, we were able to hold the annual financial statements and related employee awards for a total of 70 company anniversaries.

It all started with a brilliant opening show act, in which the board members entered the stage to Thunderstruck from ACDC and a specially pre-programmed light show in the brand new eKart Rotax THUNDeR in the event hall.

Honoring the 70 anniversary employees was a challenge, but it was kept short and crisp, so that every employee still received the attention they deserved.

Moderator Andi Knoll skilfully guided the guests through the evening. The Upper Austrian dancing star Queen Monika Santner and her brother opened the dance floor. The two conjured up a great dance performance and, of course, motivated the guests to swing their legs immediately afterwards.

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