Save Events despite Corona?

Akarion DigitalShift

DigitalShift driven by Blockchain Technology - paradigm shift in data protection

On May 25, Europe is facing a revolution in data protection. The new General Data Protection Regulation changes the handling of personal data fundamentally.

Who is affected by the GDPR? How do consumers and entrepreneurs react? How can the GDPR be implemented in practice? How can new technologies such as blockchain help with implementation?

Well-known speakers, experts and specialists from all over the world provided the answers to all of these and many more questions at DigitalShift.

With around 200 guests, the event in the voestalpine Stahlwelt guest house was completely sold out.

The guests were not neglected and were interactively integrated into the event with a live question tool and were thus able to bring their questions into various discussions.

All in all, it was a successful and great event, that has great potential to develop further - preferably with a lot of ATTENTION. and 2019 again.

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