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Established professionals in the events sector.

Markus Meier and Marco Reiter are the left and right ventricles, halves of the brain and alternate hands of Attention. A left-right combination with more than fifteen years of international senior management experience in the events business, in conference management, in catering and in Sales & Marketing.

Markus Meier

After studying Tourism, and graduating from the Tourismusschule Bad Leonfelden I spent a total of twelve years in the Bermudas and on the Cayman Islands, and I also lived in Boston, in the USA.

Of course, I also worked. As a Restaurant Manager and Assistant General Manager in large catering businesses. Following my return to the Danube, I attended further studies in Event Management, then joined a highly thought of event management agency in the Austrian town of Linz.

I rapidly rose to the position of Project Manager and was responsible not just for progressively larger events, but also as Agency Manager for the entire team.

Dealing with people gives me just as much pleasure as the creative work involved in the design of events and their meticulous and on-schedule delivery.

Marco Reiter

Studied nutrition and business studies, the two focal areas of study at the HBLW that I attended in Linz and from which I graduated with the Austrian 'Matura'. I then went on to study Global Sales at Fachhochschule Steyr and this was great theoretical preparation for practical work at the Design Center in Linz.

There for four years I studied Marketing, I was Sales & Marketing Manager at this renowned event and conference location, and I was able to win many new events and customers.

I was also taken on board by the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg in Ravensburg to pass on my knowledge about high-end sales events as a tutor in workshops. I am motivated by the process of turning ideas into reality and my core skills are an intuitive sense about customers, and my staying power.

Michaela Freundl
Junior Project Manager

Organizing any kind of event has been part of my everyday life since I was 15. Be it a traditional event, a club outing or just a private family celebration - it has always been unspoken for me! During my training at the higher education institute for economic professions in Steyr in the training branch “culture and congress management”, the practical orientation played a major role for me. Later I was able to gain a wide variety of experiences in my previous positions in the hotel industry, in the travel industry and also in the IT project business. Only one thing ran like a red thread through my professional career - the planning and implementation of events, which belonged to my areas of responsibility in each of my professions! By completing my event management diploma course in July 2020, I was able to further deepen my professional know-how in the event area and keep myself up to date on the current trends in the industry. Customer satisfaction is my top priority and the fuel for my daily activities. Open-mindedness, helpfulness and flexibility, but above all friendliness, make me what I am. My friendliness was already put in my cradle, because how could it be otherwise, this is also reflected in my last name.

Maximilian Spengler
Junior Project Manager

Even as a child I loved the international - different cultures, languages ​​and personalities have always fascinated me. At the age of seven, my parents and I moved from Germany to beautiful Upper Austria. Here I graduated from the "International Economics" branch in Wels, which I graduated with the Matura. English, Spanish and French have been part of my repertoire ever since. I expanded my knowledge of events even further after completing the "Event Management Diploma Course". My passion for events was evident in my youth. I was happy to contribute and get involved in various events. Be it with my hands-on mentality at local street festivals or through the moderation of our Matura ball in 2017. I was enthusiastic about the various event formats from an early age. A particular concern is to inspire my fellow human beings and to show willingness to help. My eye for detail and my flexibility paired with my urge to develop myself continuously provide the perfect basis for making your event a success.